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Sep 23, 2012 6:00pm EDT
is inconsequential. we know this part of eastern libya is a center for a lot of violent islamist extremist groups. that was clearly known by intelligence. they do not think you suddenly do something as organized and this was with the equipment and the weapons systems they had and with the skillful operators. we have a testimony from people who were in that second building that the murders hit with a -- that the mortars hit with remarkable exactness. this was ready to go. >> there were news reports that ambassador steven said he thought he was a target of al qaeda. is there a connection between him thinking al qaeda was targeting him? what happened? >> probably. we do not know. chris stevens was a believer in the people of libya. that is why they're mourning his death. it is quite logical that he would be a target of al qaeda or groups associated with al qaeda. whether they knew he was at the compound on september 11, we do not know yet. some people have dismissed that and said it was accidental. i do not yet. the best information i have had is that ambassador stevens was in benghazi to open a cu
Sep 12, 2012 9:00am PDT
, what they knew about al qaeda in eastern libya, and i think we're going to learn all that in the investigation. >> sure. jamie, i want to play a quick byte -- soundbyte from secretary hillary clinton. she posed a very important question just a little while ago. >> today many americans are asking, indeed, i asked myself, how could this happen? how could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city we helped save from destruction? this question reflects just how complicated and at times how confounding the world can be, but we must be clear-eyed even in our grief. >> jamie, can you try to answer that question? how do you explain the united states, our role, in actually helping liberate libya and this is what happens? >> first of all, it's a very profound question, and i think secretary clinton felt it so strongly because within the administration, i suspect she was probably one of the stronger advocates of american action in libya, and so the ste department and secretary clinton being at the forefront of those urging the u.s. to act to save benghazi, to save th
Sep 12, 2012 8:00am PDT
in eastern libya. the speaker of the libyan parliament, the general national congress, saying that there are all indications that this was origin orchestrated around the september 11th anniversary and libya rejects the use of the land for what he described as revenge attacks. reassuring the united states and the international community that they are working to secure foreign nationals and foreign interests here in libya. >> joma 2345, the secretary of state called it a small and savage group and interested the find out what the government and the prime minister said publicly, not only to the global audience but to his fellow countrymen to condemn this in the strongest possible way. they condemn things to the united states and then different to their own people. what's happening there? >> reporter: well, we're seeing the majority of the people here are voicing what the government voiced. condemnation, saying this is not representative. the real issue is this is not a us lated incident. in the past few months we have seen similar attacks in and around the city of benghazi in the
Sep 13, 2012 8:00am PDT
eastern libya which is now continuing and stepped up perhaps looking for the precise targets, and looking in eastern libya to collect intelligence on suspected al qaeda sites, if you will, targets, people, enca encampments, areas, strongholds in eastern libya east of benghazi, and known to shelter some of the militant groups. what they want to do is to be able to collect the intelligence and pin down who they believe is responsible for this attack. the intelligence will come from overhead imagery, from intercept s of communications and cell phone calls and all of the typical things that are very well known that the u.s. military and the u.s. intelligence community has done over the years in a variety of places. they assemble that intelligence, and if they can get a particular target that they believe is responsible for the attack, then next step comes into play, and two ways of dealing with that target either libyan security forces getting the intelligence handed to them, and they go after it or the u.s. has these other options in place. the ship s as are there as a precautionary move and
Sep 27, 2012 3:00pm EDT
that groups in the environment in eastern libya were seeking to coalesce and wasn't anything specific and certainly not a specific threat to the consulate that i'm aware of. and as far as to the risks that the fbi reported to you, really have to ask them for why they made that determination. i don't know. >> reporter: what dempsey is saying there, brooke, is that there was intelligence about these groups in eastern libya around benghazi coalescing and said there's nothing specific as to any direct threat against the ambassador. even though the ambassador had been indications he believed he was on an al qaeda hit list, the chairman of the joint chiefs says the intelligence he saw didn't indicate that level of specificity but in the month, the month before the attack on benghazi, there was a threat of intelligence about the extremist groups in the region. brooke? >> barbara starr for us with the new information of the chairman of the joint chiefs and the secretary of defense, thank you very much. there are still so many other questions. thank you. because in addition to this, cnn exclus
Sep 13, 2012 6:00am PDT
continuing to fly in eastern -- over eastern libya. they have done that in the past. they look for intelligence, overhead imagery that they gather, to try and find essentially al qaeda or militant strongholds, camps, evidence of militant activity in eastern libya, east of benghazi, where they think most of these people are and even perhaps the people responsible for the attacks against the u.s. installation. they gather that intelligence and can demonstrate it's tied to the attacks, you then have the war ships with their tomahawks missiles as aa potential -- potential option for president obama. he could order those into action to strike a target if it came to that. u.s. making very clear, no boots on the ground. no combat forces. none of that. they are simply looking for any target that they can tie to this attack on the benghazi diplomatic installation. and don't rule o that they will turn intelligence over to the libyans and try and get them to go after these targets in their own country. carol? >> barbara starr, reporting live for us from the pentagon this morning. >>> fore
Sep 27, 2012 1:00am PDT
, is it too early to say that libya has been lost? >> i -- you know, just the academic stuff about eastern libya and, you know -- i've heard today that there are multiple assassinations around benghazi and different parts of libya where people are settling scores of all sorts of stripes. it is chaotic and going back to the fbi getting in to benghazi you can't blame them because there is nobody in control of a large city and a big part of libya. they are -- that's the problem at the root of it. all the facts point to the fact that nobody's in control. >> fran, a lot of people will say you have societies that have been repressed for generations in a pressure cooker. the box has been open. a lot of weird things come out of the box but maybe long term there is things will move in the right direction, as the u.s. sees it. do you buy that? or how do you see it? >> the arab spring is, in fact, i think a long-term game. but what you have to understand, if it is terrorism that we are seeing and i feel confident based on everything that we know that it is. it raises the question for the administrati
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. they have tried and failed to establish an islamic state in eastern libya. a recent defense department report warning al-qaeda senior leadership is seeking to create an al-qaeda clandestine network in libya. >> how many attacks do you have to have on the consultate and ambassador and british ambassador before you realize this is a dangerous area? >> there was also a cia assessment that eastern libya was unraveling and that assessment was is before the attack, shep. >> shepard: have you learned what security was like for the ambassador at the time of the attack? >> there were five it dsos, diplomatic security officers on assignment with the a.m. bass dorland. u.s. officials are not commenting on the arrangement on the ground. what we reported last week is at the ambassador was at his most vulnerable at the consultate which is not a hardened site. also evidence the attackers had the insider help, specifically finding the safe house welcomely after the first wave of assaults. attack on one of the most vulnerable sites for the united states and where we seem to have two groups, al-qaeda an
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
along with three other diplomats in eastern libya. it was blamed on a youtube video but there is word tonight it may have been planned to coinside with 9/11. we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu's david stevenson has the debate involving free speech and ktvu's mike mibach is live at university of california at berkeley where colleagues and friends of chris stevens are in mourning tonight. >> reporter: chris stevens majored in history right here at university of california at berkeley, graduated in 1982 and his brother told me chris stevens knew his journey in life would be an adventure. >> i am excited to return to libya. >> reporter: the family of chris stevens said he took pride in his job. he was cool, balanced, easy. that was his career and he loved it. >> i don't have much to offer here. just as a friend reach out. >> reporter: today he dropped off flowers that home of chris stevens' parents. they lived in piedmont where chris stevens graduated from piedmont high school. he said what a bore it is waking up in the morning always the same person. i >> clear he was interested in
Sep 11, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in eastern libya. he also reported rocket-propelled grenades hitting the consulate building. libyan army troops were deployed. roads to the consulate were blocked off by military vehicles. there are conflicting reports on what the situation is there right now. liblian government officials are telling us that the building has been secured by the libyan military, but according to this eyewitness, members of the group had stormed the consulate building and taken over the building and were celebrating and looting the consulate. there have been condemnations issued, but at the same time, anderson, there are calls on social media sites for more protests in benghazi and here in tripoli. >> fran, you were in libya last week and concerned about the deteriorating security situation. add this to the back grop of what's going on in egypt, how big a deal is this kind of a situation? >> reporter: anderson, we should be very clear. one such breach of an embassy or consulate's walls or security on any given day would be tremendous news. it's very rare. americans remember the takeover of the consulate in
Sep 22, 2012 7:00pm PDT
bases in eastern libya. benghazi, counter protesters are trying to reclaim the city. >> the pro-democracy demonstrators began taking the situation into their own hands and storming various headquarters of known extremist militias in the city of benghazi. >> counter protesters were met by some resistance. four people were killed and dozens injured on friday night. >> the wife of a missing retired fbi agent hopes to meet with the president of iran to plea for her husband's safe return. robert levenson disappeared on an island off iran's coast in 2007. now billboards with his picture are up in new york in hopes iran's president will see them when he attends the u.n. assembly next week. >> 33 years of service to the united states deserves something. >> iran's president has repeatedly turned down meeting requests from his wife. >>> at least 220 people were killed today in syria with government forces shelling the damascus suburbs. they're moving into territories the fighters have seized. the group has many soldiers who defected from syria's army to fight the regime. >> i'm not fighti
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 12:00pm PDT
that conditions on the ground in eastern libya were deteriorating. this report by the defense department and the library of congress, specifically mentioned that detainee, sufyan ben qumu, has the leading edge of al qaeda's footprint reading that the senior leadership is seeking a clandestine network in libya that could destabilize the government or offer logistical support to al qaeda's activists in north africa. >> how good of a spy do you have to be to realize that part of libya is unstable? how many attacks do you have to have on the consulate and ambassador before you realize it is dangerous? >>reporter: we reported on monday this was a separate assessment by the c.i.a. concluding that eastern libya was unravelling rapidly. >>shepard: what is the legal of security for ambassadors generally? >>reporter: generally speaking, there is something called diplomatic security officer who is the umbrella who is responsible for the ambassador's security. a big question, still, is we do not have a good fix on ambassador stevens security. the diplomatic security officer in this case responsible
Sep 13, 2012 4:00am PDT
libyans to then take out this potentially al qaeda franchise in eastern libya? >> well, we'll see if a -- try and get the libyans to do that. it is going to be a problem. because as we say, the government of libya, not yet strong enough to really operate east of benghazi in any significant way. this is an area controlled by tribes, controlled by militias, so it might well be that the president will decide it will be u.s. military assets that go after the targets. but they're going to want to find -- they're going to want to be able to demonstrate, if you will, whatever target they hit, if they hit one, we want to be clear, we don't know, that if they were to hit a target, that they've got solid intelligence. and you know, they will be looking at intercepts, at communications, at eavesdropping, overhead imagery, intelligence hafrom any militia or tribes on the ground, rather, that are reporting in about what they see. so this could take some time. they're going to want to gather all the information they can and they're going to want to find out if these people have any other plots
Sep 26, 2012 7:00pm PDT
of washington. >> is it too early to say that libya has been lost? >> you look at the academic stuff of eastern libya. i heard today there are multiple assassinations where people are settling scores of all sorts of strikes. it's chaotic. going back to the fbi, you can't blame them, because there is nobody in control of a very large city in a very big part of libya. so they are, you know -- that's the problem, at the root of it. all the facts point to that. is that nobody is in control. >> a lot of people say well look, you have societies who have been repressed for generations. in a pressure cooker. the box has been opened and a lot of weird things come out of the box. maybe long-term things will move in the right direction as the u.s. sees it. do you buy that? >> the arab spring is a long-term gain. what you have to understand -- look, if it is terrorism that we are seeing and i feel confident based on what we know, it races the question why didn't you see this coming? if there was intelligence of the growing presence of al qaeda in eastern libya, increasing threat of al qaeda. >> on the anni
Sep 13, 2012 12:00pm CDT
to be directed against diplomatic missions ... sources tracking militant islamist groups in eastern libya say the deadly attack was most likely carried out by a pro al qaeda group. president obama has vowed justice will be done. u-s warships are on their way to the coast of libya, and unmanned drones are being sent to help search for the killers. we are just learning that the fbi has spoken to the filmmaker ... voters in florida who were purged from the rolls after mistakenly being labeled as non- citizens... will have their voting rights restored in time for the november election. earlier this year... 2600 voters were informed they would not be allowed to vote unless they proved their citizenship. critics accused the state of unfairly targeting latinos. yesterday, state officials announced a federal immigration database was used to confirm citizenship for more than 2,000 voters... and they are now eiligible to vote. apple unveiled a lighter thinner and faster i-phone yesterday... and it will be available to order on friday. the "i-phone 5" has a larger display screen, a better camera and
Sep 14, 2012 6:00am EDT
other americans. eastern libya's deputy interior mob stormed the night and thenay they raided a safe house in the compound. we have learned the identity of victims from that attack. rone woods and glendo 8 dohert, both former navy seals >> . glen was my brother. >> according to military the navy in decorated member of the elite navy seals team. he left active duty in 2004. fbi agent from the new york will soon be arriving in libya to assist in the investigation. olabanji, abc 7 news. >> looking at the day ahead, at central l will pay tribute to an 18-year-old shot and killed while walking to school earlier week. john gonzalez has details. students atof central high school will gather football field this afternoon to release hundreds of in honor of their slain classmate. 18-year-old marckel ross was killed while walking to school. he was found lying near central avenue in his old uniform with his book bag. >> he did not do nothing to nobody -- nobody at all. >> heart wrenching sobs and raw emotions and a candlelight much for times too some to handle. victim's brother said he cannot be
Sep 12, 2012 4:00pm PDT
in eastern libya and these people say that if their government is unable, it seems to have been idle, not doing much to tackle this issue, then someone else should and if the united states is going to do that, they should, but others here completely rejecting this, erin, saying they are going to try and turn libya into another iraq. >> and they've said that that explicitly, about turning libya into another iraq. how did -- so many people are deciding, could you tell me more about those who are very anti nus their sentiment. >> these people did say they do not agree with thisattack. they really felt ashamed by what happened, saying that diplomats here, foreigners here should be protected, but at the same time, they said they reject the presence of any foreign troops or any sort of outside military intervention in libya. they said we've also heard that last year during the revolution, there was unity in the stands of libyans who were fighting the regime of moammar gadhafi. they welcomed the support of nato air strikes, but said they did not want to see any boots on the ground. so at th
Sep 13, 2012 1:00am PDT
that operate in eastern libya, and saying that libya will not allow its land to be used by these groups to carry out what he described as revenge attacks against the west. at the same time, saying they will need the help of the international community in confronting these groups. people here, anderson, really shocked by what happened. many libyans i've spoken to today are really saddened by this attack and hope that the perpetrators are brought to justice. >> the state department, we saw a very grave secretary of state clinton condemning the attacks. cnn has confirmed it was a planned attack. the attack in benghazi, libya. what more are we learning about the attacks and the measures the state department is trying to take to ensure the safety of its personnel left in benghazi, tripoli, and elsewhere? >> you have a couple of things, anderson. what they're trying to do is make sure the security of the people who are left, and that's only in tripoli, not in benghazi, is assured, so they're sending some marines. it's kind of like a quick reaction for us to the embassy in tripoli to beef that
Sep 20, 2012 9:00am PDT
security or the security of his fellow comrades there. >> right, and of american interests in eastern libya and other parts of libya as well. you know, all the way back in june of this year a senior libyan official was already telling cnn that u.s. drones were flying over suspected jihady camps, that this was already a cause for concern. according to the libyan official, and this is something, again, that was said a few months ago back in june long before this attack on the u.s. consulate that there are 200 to 300 men under the control of radical islamist commanders. in that part of libya, and one of the things that chrissteins was reportedly worried about was that there had been already efforts or that there were plans to attack the consulate in benghazi, the one that ultimately cost them his life and the lives of three other americans. interestingly, matthew olson, the u.s. national counterterrorism of the u.s. national counterterrorism center, told the senate homeland security hearing that the four were, "killed in the course of a terrorist attack." that word is now being used. as oppose
FOX News
Sep 23, 2012 3:00am PDT
for the a tack on the embassy. and to rid them of the those in eastern libya and the collapse of the regime. and a source telling the evidence points to a joint evident by al sharia not tied with al-qaeda, but sympathetic tried to fail establishing a state in eastern libya. and, the detainee is linked to the group in libya considered the most extremely. given the consulate attack is now branded tyrannyism, why the obama administration seems to be leaning to criminal prosecution. >> how could an attack go that long and what kind of response do we have in place for an attack that of could have went from six to ten to 12 hours and the law enforcement model seems to be being used here. i think that's a huge mistake, the fbi agent who briefed us was singularly unimpressive. >> reporter: fox news is first it report on 9-13 two days of the attack there was evidence suggesting insider help and reuters is now reporting that that is the central focus of the fbi investigation. guys, back to you. >> dave: thanks so much, katherine. >> to other headlines. amid chaos in the the middle east, egypt's new
FOX News
Sep 18, 2012 3:00pm PDT
catherine herridge that before the attack, the cia had assessed eastern libya with deteriorating. today carney seemed to back pedal ever so slightly from ambassador susan rice's sunday declaration that the violence in libya was spontaneous reaction to that controversy anti-muslim film. >> in fact, this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. >> while carney did stand behind the video being a key factor, he opened the door to other possibilities being uncovered in the f.b.i. investigation. >> the cause and motivation behind them will be decided by the investigation. >> there are other factors involved in the violence that ensued? >> new questions as well about the fact on september 10, the white house put out a press release saying that the president met with senior officials, about the security posture around the 9/11 anniversary. the release said the president discussed steps taken to protect u.s. persons and facilities abroad. asked if the administration dropped the ball on that promise, the following day in libya, carney said numerous security steps were takep and would not direct
Sep 13, 2012 5:00pm PDT
of the foreign jihadis came from eastern libya. they are employing drones to the region. how do you go about launching a military response if it comes to that against militants inside libya? it seems complicated. >> it is very difficult. i have just been over there twice and moved around between tr tripoli and benghazi. you have sheikhs and tribal chiefs and ministries. no one controls everything. we have met very good people there, moved around with them. we had to change our route several times because of the salafis getting worse we were there and they were worried about our movement. we had to change. when our people go in there targeting, who do you hold responsible? how do you find them? you can't pun shallish a popula. it is very difficult to find those that are responsible and take much action. we have to reinforce the consulate and the embassy with marines. we have to have a force off the coast to do emergency evacuation if required. the libyans basically asked us. we are the civilian private organization now. we set up humanitarian assistance pr assistance prospects. they are all w
Sep 14, 2012 5:00pm EDT
in the audience might address specifically how the response to this incident particularly eastern libya from security and political perspective by libyan authority or by the united states might impact the broader questions we find ourselves asking about except for transition especially the revolution of tensions between eastern libya and fear about overcentralization of power and the cheri a question and how might action have been at least ambiguously present at the event. how might they respond by libya or the united states and how will that still in to the political fault line. >> there is no easy answer and it won't be a right or wrong answer. you need leadership with political will for actions that will bring forth a results. that was the question before. and lack of a clear effective response to the terrorist attack that has taken place on libyans oil two days ago will only add to the gravity of the reception and problems rampant in the issue of security in libya which is a weak government that is unable to address the attacks of such magnitude. to me it becomes very important for that
FOX Business
Sep 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
our consulate in eastern libya stormed by armed men who set the building ablaze. the building was evacuated before their attack. the men reportedly angered by a film being produced by u.s.-based coptic christian egyptians. that questions the words of mohammed. president obama before those events in egypt and libya, had made a point of saying that the islamic religion is not america's enemy. >> today, the war in iraq is over. in afghanistan we're training afghan security forces and forging a partnership with the afghan people. by the end of 2014, the longest war in history would be over. i always said our fight is with al qaeda and its affiliates, not with islam or any other religion. lou: the u.s. embassy in cairo apologized to anyone in the region offended by that movie and criticized anyone who would hurt the feelings of muslims. meanwhile the president rejected a request to meet with israel's prime minister at the united nations general assembly later this month. the white house cited scheduling conflicts. the president's schedule to be on the campaign trail when benjamin n
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 316 (some duplicates have been removed)